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Print Media Death Watch

It appears Boarders Books will announce it is filing for Bankruptcy this month. Boarders has been plagued by slow sales and a slow response to the digital book market. Boarders will be closing at least 150 of its 500 stores based on its financing terms with GE. Boarders secured 500 million in debt last week but they must trim operations as part of the terms.

We went from the mom and pop bookstore or the small in the mall bookstore to these giant big box retail outlet. The small quaint bookstores are hard to find and more and more we will start to see these large big box book stores disappear.

Books and Magazines will soon be delivered digitally. So what will the monsters of the book retailers do? Compete with Amazon with a e-commerce solution for those that want to read actual books? Become a digital pure play? Time will tell. For now the one thing that is clear is that companies like Barnes and Nobel and Boarders are being forced to shift their distribution strategy.

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