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Influencers vs Viral Marketing

In the good old days of marketing it was a widely accepted belief that if you could reach 10% of the population through print or a 30-second ad spot you could influence the mass’s.

Now you would be lucky to reach 2% of your target audience with any of those mediums and that small percentage you reach are very cynical about having to hear your “pitch”

Today you can reach millions of people through a properly placed video on or building your own social community and feeding the content hungry consumer. A great example of this is HeadBlade who recently released their videos introducing their “Shaving Helmet”.

The video production is simple and the response was an EPIC viral hit with over a million views on and the following third party coverage:

“Who Knew the World Needed a Shaving Helmet” – GawkerTV
“Terrifying Shaving Helmet is a Skull-Scraping Hard-Hat” – Wired
“Shaving Helmet Creates Web Sensation” –
“If only The Shaving Helmet were real” – CNET
“Shaving Helmet Gets You Bald In 20 Seconds, Doesn’t Kill You” – Huffington Post
“The Shaving Helmet will idiot-proof your crew cuts” –
“Shaving Helmet Creates Stir” – FOX
“Head-shaving helmet nicks minutes off grooming regime” – Daily Mail, UK

This is a great way to reach consumers and get global exposure for pennies on the dollar.

What do you think about this type of advertising? Effective or not it sure seems like the target audience is sharing this video and the branding received is measurable.

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