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Forget Cheese Your Cracker Wants a Social Community

Social Networking about Crackers?

I what we would call a stroke of genius Kraft Foods decided to build a Social Network for the Cracker brand Triscuit. Right about now you are probably thinking who in the world would join a Cracker brand on a Social Network?

Home Based Farmers is who. Kraft research showed that there is a growing focus on eating better and organic and home gardening tends to be earning a lot of shelf space at the grocery stores today. The Cracker industry is no no longer just a battle between Ritz, Saltines and Triscuit. The Triscuit brad alone has at least 6 different varieties available at most grocery stores.

They also discovered that a lot of home based farmers are the same people responsible for going tot he grocery store and make the food purchases for the household. They wanted to engage with this consumer.

Kraft quietly launched, currently claims about 14,000 members. The site features information about recipes related to farming, as well as information on the “home farming movement,” which will be celebrated on April 12 a.k.a. Home Farming Day. The site contains some branding but is really focused on home farmers.

How do you sell a box of Crackers on a farming website? According to a rep for Kraft, Triscuit has sought over the past year to align itself with the “real food” concept. “The effort taps into the trend of people getting back to basics in a tough economic environment and wanting to grow their own food,” the rep says, adding that “it’s a perfect fit for Triscuit.”

Other brands are focusing on “healthier” foods and snacks all the way to Frito-Lay’s healthier potato chips. Triscuit is using it’s in store packaging to promote the social network. They recently rolled out over 4 million “home farming” Triscuit boxes. The brand intends to double that number this year.

We commend Triscuit for going against the grain and building their own social community. Many brands set up a Facebook account and call themselves socially integrated. Tricuit is connecting and engaging with 14,000 potential consumers who see Triscuit as providing them a useful toll. This same consumer likes rapidly flips past the Triscuit magazine ad and likely pay’s $5.00 a month for DVR functions that allow them to skip the Triscuit commercial that paid for the production of the magazine and television show.

Triscuit has always been my personal favorite cracker and now that I know about I have them in my top 10 of Brands that get Social Media. To put things in perspective when Wal-Mart (the worlds biggest retailer) attempted to do something similar it failed to even get over 5000 members. Our biggest niche social community is at 45,882 members, 33,727 blogs, 9,159 videos and 452,966 photos in just over 2 years time. Holy Unique Content Batman.

What this tells blog should tell you is that if you are listening to your target consumer you can engage them . You can effectively communicate with your potential consumers without some third party social platform in between you and your consumer.

Jason Genet

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