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“I Just Downloaded the App for the Articles”

Playboy Magazine is one of the ICONS of the print industry and also in deep financial trouble. Playboy recently launched it’s own App for Apple’s iPad. They are not the first print magazine to go digital. Maxim Magazine and National Geographic were available when the iPad first launched.

So is this too little too late or will it be enough to help save the Playboy Empire? Playboy has a history of being a game changer but has seemingly failed to be an early adopter in the last few years. While many will argue that Playboy is not pornography, and many husbands have successfully won the argument and subscribed, they missed the changes in the online and streaming porn industry. Stuck firmly in it’s legacy of building Clubs and it’s subscription base.

The readers want their content and information as it unfolds not snail mailed. The pictures that are in the magazine often hit the web long before the magazine hits newsstands. While they are showing Pam Anderson the Internet is showing Pam and Tommy. Delivering their content electronically will reduce cost, increase advertisers ability to interactively reach their target consumer and hopefully allow Playboy’s time to market to improve.

One thing is clear, like many large marquee brands, their slow uptake to the Internet and the real-time content that their subscribers are being conditioned to having. The App is a great first step in the right direction, let’s just hope they are not too late to the game. Personally really enjoy the “articles”.