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iPhone 4 on Verizon Should AT&T Be Worried?

The launch of the iPhone on Verizon is just weeks away and At&T is pushing hard to regain current customers confidence and sign new ones. The recently started sending “Network Upgrade” letters to subscribers in large Metropolitan areas claiming increased coverage (data and cellular).

AT&T is also still pushing the iPhone 3GS for $49.99. Obviously Verizon will not have a cheap iPhone for some time now.

Are these attempts too little too late? Most people who have been with AT&T know about the poor reception issues and sometimes crazy data bills that plagued iPhone users. Verizon is also known to be a stable cellular provider whose network is usually chosen by the business person.

AT&T will be pushing it’s differences which seem to be a cheaper (yet older technology) iPhone 3GS and it’s ability to simultaneously use voice and data. The simultaneous voice and data is really one of the only advantages we can see between AT&T’s iPhone 4 and Verizon’s.

Which brings up the question? Is the possibility of a better network going to be enough to make you switch providers? Have the business phone users been behind the surge in Android sales as the casual smartphone consumer stays with AT&T to say they have an Apple iPhone, even if they have to borrow their friends cell phone to make the call?

Verizion is really relying a lot on it’s network and advertising reach. Is it enough? The iPhone user has been a vanity consumer and early adopter. Networks have not swayed them in the past. Or will Androids push with 4G be the mobile game changer?

Jason Genet